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Welcome to Phoebius framework developer manual! It is intended for everyone who wants to explore its rich feature set and develop object-oriented web applications rapidly.

Phoebius is truly object-oriented full stack application framework that provides O/R mapping between PHP classes and RDBMS, defines infrastructure for the unification of application flow and ables to route incoming requests inside MVC stack.

This manual covers various principles of the framework, functionality to implement the routines, and internal API that can be used to gracefully extend the existing functionality.


  • The framework here is the complete distribution of Phoebius framework, which is located in a separate directory. This directory is usually called $base (base directory) for historical reasons.
  • The application here is a separate directory with the unified directory structure where Phoebius-based scripts (tied with a specific Phoebius distribution) reside. This directory is usually called $app. The application stub with the predefined directory structure can be taken from the downloads section.
  • The front controller is a PHP script which receives the incoming request and passes it to a Phoebius stack. In most cases, it is an $app/www/index.php.


We've prepared a preconfigured sandbox where you can play around with Phoebius framework. Just download the phoebius-app. You can also download the source code of the phoebius.org website from the downloads section - these are the best examples for the beginners' guide.