The Roadmap

Phoebius framework in its current state already provides an innovative implementation of features-in-demand, but besides them we have a lot of other ideas for improving the product and extending the feature list.

Near-future releases of 1.0 branch are intended to improve the existing codebase, fixing possible inconsistencies and providing more useful features across existing solution. Among them are:

  • new composite property types
  • querying one-to-many and many-to-many associations
  • more helpers for MVC views
  • logging inside autonomic build scripts
  • implicit session handling
  • API to handle incoming requests more precisely

At the same time we are planning a huge set of features based on Phoebius heart - an ORM module - that are intended to automate more day-to-day routines the developers need to code:

  • transparent entity caching
  • entity mapping to forms and vice versa
  • MVC action filters
  • AJAX integration and implicit intercommunication between client-side front-ends and back-ends
We support a feature-centric development, forking a separate branch for each new feature, and then merging it back to master, so the upcoming releases are produced as soon as major features are signed off.